About Advancing Medicare & Medicaid Integration

Advancing Medicare & Medicaid Integration is an initiative supported by Arnold Ventures and coordinated by the Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) that is targeted to states ready to make meaningful transformations in care delivery for individuals eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.

States play a vital role in improving care and outcomes for the dual-eligible population, but support is often needed. States have the ability to offer models that integrate Medicare and Medicaid, but many barriers currently exist for states seeking to adopt these models.

Arnold Ventures is committed to providing technical assistance to states in support of three complementary objectives:

  • Increase the availability of models that fully integrate Medicare and Medicaid, especially Fully Integrated Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (FIDE-SNPs);

  • Increase enrollment in fully-integrated models; and

  • Improve the mix of services that dual-eligible individuals receive to achieve better care and outcomes.

Advancing Medicare & Medicaid Integration provides support to states to advance meaningful Medicare and Medicaid integration for dual-eligible populations. This includes states that operate demonstrations under the federal Financial Alignment Initiative and are looking to transition to more permanent integration strategies and states without demonstrations that are looking to build on or adopt integrated options. Across all states, the initiative provides specific technical assistance support to develop and implement policies, procedures, and systems to assist with program design and implementation.

To advance integration, Arnold Ventures prioritizes ensuring that dual-eligible individuals have access to programs that fully integrate Medicare and Medicaid coverage through FIDE SNPs that are held accountable for delivering the full range of Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

Arnold Ventures recognizes that some states may want to advance Medicare and Medicaid integration and improve care for their dual-eligible populations, but they may not be ready to offer a fully integrated program. While these states may not be best positioned for the Advancing Medicare & Medicaid Integration initiative, Arnold Ventures may be able to support their work in other ways.

To learn more, states are encouraged to read about the types of projects that Arnold Ventures can support through this initiative, including projects already underway. States may also contact CHCS by email at medicare-medicaid@chcs.org to discuss their goals for integration.

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The Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) is the National Program Coordination Office for Advancing Medicare & Medicaid Integration. With support from Arnold Ventures, CHCS provides no-cost assistance to states interested in applying, which includes assisting with refinement of project concepts and design.


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