Letter of Interest

Any state or state technical assistance partner interested in applying for the Advancing Medicare & Medicaid Integration initiative should submit a Letter of Interest (LOI) by email to medicare-medicaid@chcs.org with the subject line, “ADVANCING MEDICARE & MEDICAID INTEGRATION INITIATIVE LETTER OF INTEREST.” Applicants whose LOIs are reviewed favorably will be invited to develop a full proposal. Unsolicited proposals will not be accepted. LOIs will be reviewed on a rolling basis; there is no deadline for submission.

LOIs should be submitted in Microsoft Word and are not to exceed three pages. Applicants may use their own format, with single or double spacing, and an 11-point font or larger. A representative from Arnold Ventures or the Center for Health Care Strategies will reach out to the project point of contact with any follow-up questions or next steps no later than two weeks following the LOI submission.

All LOIs should include the following information:

  • Project point of contact. Provide the name, organizational affiliation, email, and telephone number for the primary project point of contact. If the proposed project will be conducted on behalf of a state by a technical assistance partner, the contact information should also include the name, title, email, and telephone number of a state official who can verify the state’s support of the project.
  • Responsiveness to objectives. Specify which objective(s) of the the initiative the project aims to address, including: (1) increasing integration between Medicare and Medicaid through existing or new models; (2) increasing enrollment in integrated coverage options; and (3) ensuring that dual-eligible individuals receive services that lead to better patient experiences, higher quality of care, and reduced health care costs. Projects must address at least one of these objectives. Also briefly describe how the project will address issues of health equity for dual-eligible populations in your state.
  • Project design. For each objective to be addressed by the project, describe the specific goals you intend to achieve within the state. The LOI should clearly demonstrate how the project’s goals and desired outcomes align with the larger objectives of the initiative. Briefly summarize the project design, including the rationale for the proposed approach, major milestones or deliverables, and a high-level timeline. See Examples of Potential Projects for a description of the types of activities that could be supported by the initiative. Project descriptions should also outline any anticipated challenges as well as plans for sustaining projects after the grant funding period ends.
  • Budget estimate. Provide an estimate of the total project budget. A detailed budget and narrative are not necessary for the LOI but will be required if an applicant is invited to submit a full proposal.
  • Letter of support. If the proposed project will be conducted by one state agency, department, or office, the LOI should include letters of support from representatives of other agencies, department, or offices that will be needed to contribute to the proposed project or will be affected by it. If the proposed project will be conducted on behalf of a state by a technical assistance partner, the LOI should include a letter of support from an authorized state official verifying the state’s support. These letters should indicate a commitment to the project and the ability to provide any data and information needed to complete the project. Letters of support do not count toward the total page length.

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